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Online Education: A major issue in the society

Education is a must to survive in society. Education provides a perspective and a direction to guide the students to live an effective life. Education makes us better people and helps us to stand out in society, to show our academic and writing paper services skills. But nowadays the deliverance of education is becoming quite difficult. From the previous few months, a new pandemic has spread across the world which is causing devastating destruction. Due to which the traditional education system has turned to online. Online education was not much popular in society but due to the Covid-19 and for the sake of our youth we had to put Online education in our lives. 

Online education is new and it is quite difficult to manage it. In this article, we will talk about different issues that are born in society due to online education. 

Lack of Motivation

When a teacher knows that I have to take my online class, I cannot keep my students motivated because it is difficult to keep the morale of my students high during an online class. Unlike in physical class, I had many things for my students, which help them in keeping their morale high but not in online classes. Because in online classes, most of the students do not listen to the lectures with interest thinking that we can pass the exam by plagiarising. If my students take my online exam with focus, I can put some motivation into them by a number of different activities. However, it is an easy task in physical classes.

Uncertainty about the future

Education provides a clear direction about the future of the students. But in online education, it is quite difficult to see the right path. Students pay someone to do my online class and study in online classes but they do not know that if their online degree will have meaning in the job market. Students are uncertain about their future and are worried that what will happen to them. 

Lack of Interaction

When students pay someone to take my online exam, their interaction with me becomes limited. They cannot interact with me as they used to do in the physical classes. It is one of the big issues of online education. Due to a lack of interaction, the students become unable to clear out their queries and solve their problems.

Plagiarism issues

Students do not take my online class and do not listen to their lectures with interest. So when the students have to take my online exam they try to plagiarize to pass the exams. Due to which it becomes difficult to judge that which students have studied during the course and which students have not. In this way, the students who have studied during the whole course and the students who have plagiarized get the same marks. That is why there should be good management to take my online exam to avoid plagiarism.


Students should try to adapt to the changes in society and should try to make themselves better. UK Essay is important and it is on us how we study. No matter if it is online education or physical education, students should try their best for the sake of the future and for sake of developing a better society.